Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today's Flowers - Orchids

Today's Flowers - Orchids


Arija said...

Very nice, I grow a few Orchids too
although I don't have the right climate for them.

Akmal said...

This layout is perfect for photoblog. Congratulations :)
I've added this one in my reader list. So expect me around anytime you add pictures alright ;)

kbguy said...

I still have some orchids pics yet to be published. Hope to see you around again in my nex post.

kbguy said...

Thanks for the add.

Quiet Paths said...

Amazing flowers are orchids. Super photos.

Denise said...

These are beautiful orchids, great photographs.

kbguy said...

quiet paths, denise,
thanks for the visits. Will share more pics on Orchids soon. Do drop by again...

Mary said...


Anonymous said...

hey KB guy,

it's YOU!

Luiz Santilli Jr said...


Thans for post to Today's!
Wonderful flowers and perfect capture!
I invite you to send me flowers to post in our Main page of Todays!

Hope to see you every week!


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