Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC Wednesday - 'O' for Orchids


splummer said...

Your photos of the orchids are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


Jay said...

Those orchids are so beautiful! I love the raggedy looking purple and white one!

I have a yellow phaeleonopsis - just bought in a supermarket - which has been flowering for about six weeks!

Bear Naked said...

Those photos of orchids are awesome.
Thank you for sharing.

Bear((( )))

Dragonstar said...

These are absolutely, spectacularly, lovely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful orchids, thanks.


Petrus said...

The sight of these orchids must gladden the heart - really beautiful ..

uncleawang said...

comel betul you punya 'O'.
Thanks for droping by and have a nice day.

Max said...

Hi Kbguy!

Oh my Lord...I love, love orchids!! And these are beautiful!! Thank you :D!

*Sigh* now my weekend will be perfect :D!

Have a blessed one, my friend!


Anonymous said...

eh nice orchids.. yours? the white ones are pretty...

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