Friday, July 10, 2009

Beijing - China

Photo taken during the early morning at Wang Fujing Street in Beijing. For more pictures of my Beijing experience, please visit


Sylvia K said...

Marvelous shot, beautiful blue skies! Colorful buildings! Thanks for sharing!
Have a great weekend!

Photo Cache said...

Never been to Beijing, but if you didn't tell us this is in Beijing I wouldn't have guessed it. It's so western in appearance.

Well they say Beijing is always hazy with pollution, doesn't look like it in this photo. You picked the right time to visit.

erin said...

look almost like no one is around...amazing. do you happen to know what that nice old building is?
so enjoying your posts of china.
have a wonderful weekend.

i am so wanting to return to china.

Tabib said...

Sungguh cantik pemandangan di Negeri Cina.
I love the pics and reading about those exotic Chinese foods.

Glennis said...

Maybe it is early morning since there is not many people walking around. Nice looking area with flowers and umbrellas and a nice clock tower.

J said...

I recognise that! On my last weekend in China I stayed at a youth hostel just by there. I see you've made a trip to Guilin too. How did you like it? Yangshuo was definitely the highlight of my stay.

Louise said...

I would have never put that scene in China. Nice capture.

Linnea W said... got really clear skies on that day. Nice shot. It still looks rather quiet - so it must be early morning! Hi from California...

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