Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nanjing, China


Akmal said...

Neat and nice! :D
That's quite an angle you have there when you took the picture. Were you flying or something? ;)

Photo Cache said...

Fantastic travel shots. Love em.

Today's Blah... said...

Lovely skies and magnificent shots of them and the bridge.

Guy D said...

Excellent photos of the traffic and all that surrounds it, well done.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Light and Voices said...

Fantastic shots of city life and skies.

Glennis said...

Very classy bridge with all of its statues, the misty pollution looks quite mystical, the sort of disappears into the unknown!

Caprice- said...

Yor photos are fantastic. I love the bridge- very interesting. I also love the photos of the water in the previous posts. Lovely place I'd like to visit sometime. Thanks for sharing!

dins said...

nice shot.

Anonymous said...

Very nice bridge in the sky. Nicely captured. I've seen som' documentarys from China. There was always thousand++ bicycles and dozen cars around. I don't see any bicycles here and lots of cars. Things have chanced, apparently. Thank you for sharing!

prkl, Finland

MCM said...

You can fly?

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